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A statement regarding recent breach of trust of our QA team member.
A statement regarding recent breach of trust of our QA team member.

It was brought to our attention approx 2 weeks ago that one our QA members was using QA debug commands on a debug enabled server during a clan/community competitive event. Although there is no proof of ill intent (and the member outed themselves by posting video of them trying to help spot a glitcher during the event) we still take the very action of exercising the debug commands on the server as a serious matter. 


This was definitely a breach of trust committed against us OWI and in a different way against the community. We have taken time to consider the outcomes and have decided on the following actions to ensure: 1. The person in question is punished for the actions taken (regardless of intent) 2. OWI and the community are protected from this happening again. 


1. The offending QA member has been demoted and will be on probation with OWI for the next 6 months. Any additional issues will result in the members removal from QA.


2.The QA team will be restructured so that we can more clearly define the lines between actions being taken by QA and the QA members acting as players of the community. Keeping in mind most of our QA is currently volunteer this has always been a tough nut to crack.  


3. QA debug commands have been removed in their entirety outside of our testing environment. Enabling debug access can still be done for troubleshooting but must be manually opted into by the server. This cannot be accidentally turned on and by default is set to disabled. 


Being very close to our community has always been one of the pillars that squad was built on and while it has provided a lot of benefits to our development including being able to get unfiltered and unbiased feedback it has always been a double edged sword. The best testers we have are the members who are most passionate about the game and it's progress. This naturally comes with the danger of being involved in their politics and drama. 


There are times when this threshold gets crossed from Squad being a game with passionate people to one where people forget this is just a game and take it very personally. I would caution everyone involved in the above incident to take a step back and a deep breath and check their egos. 


Attacking a person on social media and hunting down and harassing their family members (yes this happened) far exceeds any proportion of offense  that can be committed in a video game. A repeat of such actions to any member of OWI or the community will result in us vigorously defending the member and expelling the offenders. 


That is something to be taken seriously. In many countries this could be grounds for legal action. 


We appreciate all the parties involved spending time clarifying both the particulars of the incident and their emotional response as a result of the actions taken. We consider the specific incident closed and we will continue to monitor the parties involved. 


Hopefully everyone can move forward with more respect from both sides. If there is any additional clarification required I am available to talk with anyone personally. Please feel free to contact our moderators here or in discord and they can get you in touch. 


OWI Management
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