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Release: Version 9.5
Bevor die Devs das v10 Update mit neuer Map "Narva" veröffentlichen, erhalten wir mit der Version 9.5 einen Zwischenschritt mit einigen Tweaks.

Konntet ihr die neue Version schon testen? Wie gefällt euch das Update auf 9.5?
Läuft bei euch alles stabil und zu eurer Zufriedenheit? 

Lasst es uns wissen und kommentiert unter diesem Beitrag!
  • Pak file repackage
  • Changed the way PAK files work, Squad will not need 20+ GB free on the hard drive to update any longer.
  • Note: The current update will still require a large buffer, but in new updates, this will be much smaller.
  • Admin Force team change
  • Added an admin command to force switch someone to the other team.
  • AdminForceTeamChange “name” and AdminForceTeamChangeById <ID>
  • Permissions in Admins.cfg: forceteamchange
  • Fixed an issue where you could not lean in certain areas of the map on Gorodok and Al Basrah. (Some cap zones most common)
  • Added the possibility to give a user the ability to write to admins with “ChatToAdmin” but prevent them from reading it with “CantSeeAdminChat”
  • Fixed an issue where Fools Road Fortress flag had severe map issues. Tweaked tree collisions.
  • Admin cam now shows FOB and Rally Points.
  • Fixed an issue where mortar HUD would get stuck if FOB was removed while players were sitting on it.
  • Fixed BTR-82A single fire sound sounding like several shots or cutting out.
  • Sumari Optimization Pass.
  • Logar Optimization Pass.
  • Fixed RCON working for Linux.
  • Removed expiring timer for Mines and IEDs.
  • Added speed indicator for vehicles.
  • Improved SVD's standing accuracy substantially, also improved crouch and prone as long as the target is almost level to the player. High elevation differences in targets improved but still bugged.
  • Corrected tickets for invaders/defenders on Yehorivka Invasion
  • Fixed Strykers not taking damage when on fire.
  • Fixed RKG-3 grenades not doing damage or working.
  • Added mortar reload sound.
  • Tweaked vehicle zooming in/out sound.
  • Added more sound effects when sprinting.
  • Tweaked animations for IED and Mine.
  • Tweaked Mortar impact blast wave effect.
  • Tweaked Mortar muzzle effect.
  • Tweaked gun muzzle shockwave grit effect.
  • Improved particle refinement for Mortar/IED/Mine.
  • Added larger water explosion for Tandem RPG and Mortar.
  • New MTLB variants minimap icon.
  • Map grid readability improvements.
  • Fixed an engine bug causing erratic suspension responses on certain vehicle wheel collisions. (aka do-a-barrel-role bug)
  • Fixed a server crash related to a high number of players in the queue on map change

[Bild: sysp-47191.png]

Finde die Motorrad-Sounds ja so viel besser als die Alten, jetzt klingen die nicht mehr wie eine 50ccm Simson ohne Auspuff...
Bitte nur private Nachrichten schreiben, keine E-MAILS !!!

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