Squad Hotfix: V2.6

  • We have just deployed a v2.6 hotfix to address your concerns with players abusing the new client-side "demo recording" functionality to find enemy positions. This new update will disable client-side demo recording on servers by default, though servers can still choose to enable demo recording for players, either for everyone or on an admin permissions level basis. We opted to push this hotfix now, particularly to alleviate these concerns for the tournament matches that are scheduled this weekend.

    This hotfix does not include a fix for the logi supplies issue yet; this is still actively being worked on. It seems to be a case where loading things in the wrong order causes this (and other issues, like the less common 'missing turret bug'). Our initial fix attempts did not fully remedy this in our internal testing, so investigation will continue.

    Thanks for your reports of these and other issues. Happy shooting!

    Quelle: https://store.steampowered.com…/view/4464731973756263516

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