Außer Kontrolle [AK]

What should you know about us?

AK is a competitively oriented Squad clan. We expect a certain amount of activity and in-game knowledge from our members. While many would expect that participating in a competitive gaming clan is too time consuming for most people, this is actually not the case in AK. Due to our structured organization and daily communication, it is possible for every shift worker, student, or family man to individually sign up or sign off for tournament games and scrims. Internals, scrims or simply evenings where we play pubs together are all part of our weekly agenda. A lack of activity is nonexistent in AK.

What are we offering?

Especially multiple collective bans on German public servers, which are apparently no big fans of AK. We are a very close-knit collective of players that often appears a bit peculiar to others at first sight. Just take a look at our hall-of-fame and you will figure it out. We are not a milsim clan, we don't have an army-like chain of command and we don't utilize redundant military terms or tactics. Our main goal is to play to win instead of being a handicap for our team.

Sounds interesting?

Just contact one of our members and join our TeamSpeak server or try to impress us with your in-game performances. We just want to tell you in advance that our conversational tone is very particular.


Teamspeak: ak-ts