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The GER-SQUAD.Community is participant of the community project. Cheaters, teamkillers and other obnoxious/toxic players will be shared in a database with all participating admins. You will find more informations at
The administration of the server is done by experienced admins. GER-SQUAD.Community and our partners are sharing these rules as a mutual basis.


1. General

Racism, insulting and discrimination have no place in our community! We want a friendly and mature atmosphere. Open discussions about glorifying violence, extreme political views, pornographic, morally dangerous and unlawful content as well as advertising for cheats and hacks are forbidden. (See official OWI server guidelines §4
This rule also applies to player and squad names!

2. Teamplay
  1. Squad can only be played in a team! Be open and helpful to new players to give everyone an enjoyable gaming experience. 
  2. Flaming, griefing and trolling are forbidden!
  3. We urge you to make even games possible and avoid stacking of multiple clan squads.
  4. Use meaningful and reasonable squad names (logistics, APC, infantry,...)
  5. Squad leaders need to have the squad leader kit, a microphone and take part in the squad leader voice chat.
  6. The main language for squad leader voice chat (G) is english!
  7. Squad is a team game, which makes it essential to join a squad and act as defined by the squad leader.

3. Fair play

When placing a FOB you must ensure that both teams can remove it by using shovels.
Therefore blocking a FOB by permanent objects like vehicles or wrecks is prohibited .

4. Teamkills

Repeated and intentional teamkills will result in a ban!
If you have been banned by accidently team kills you alway have the chance to appeal for it.
(See #8.1)

5. Cheats/abuse

As a community we want to set an example and have a zero tolerance policy against cheating or fraud.
  1. All types of hacks and cheats are forbidden and will lead to a ban.
  2. Abuse of bugs/exploits is forbidden.
  3. Exchanging crucial informations (positions of vehicles/players/FOBs) with the other team by using the ingame chat or teamchange is prohibited.
  4. Live streaming is prohibited on our server. We want to offer everyone a fair gameplay and prevent ghosting, so we persist on a 10 minute delay for streaming.
    (A streaming permission may be arranged in particular cases with the admins.)
  5. As soon as a player endangers the server stability, gaming experience or the server balance he can be removed by an admin.

6. No mic / bad ping / spam
  1. Every squad leader needs to own and use a mic (See #2.5 & 2.6)
    A working microphone is as essential as a mouse and keyboard for Squad.
  2. Too high pings of individual players can lower the gaming experience of everyone on the server. Therefore admins are allowed to kick these players.
  3. Chat and VoIP should be clearly. Spam is forbidden. The communication in the chat should be limited to a minimum.
  4. Any kind of public advertisement for clans or other servers on our gameserver or Discord is prohibited! You can always introduce your clan in a special section of our forums and of cause you are allowed to invite people to your clan within your squad.

7. Vehicles in Squad
  1. Squad leaders should feel responsible for their claimed vehicles and use them on the whole team's behalf. Vehicles cost a lot of tickets and can change the course of a game dramatically. Don't leave vehicles unmanned or unused on the map.
  2. Intentional or grossly negligent vehicle wasting may lead to a penalty by an admin depending on actions taken.
  3. The first vehicle squad, which should be apparent by its name, has the priority for the desired vehicle class.
  4. Vehicles requiring a crewman kit, have to be operated with at least two players.

8. Gameplay
  1. Teamplay:  To ensure everyone has a positive gaming experience tho, we appeal to you to abstain from using aggressive strategies like the camping near the enemy main-base.
  2. Locked one man squads are prohibited, with the exception of logistics and transport vehicles if the one man squad is communicating and serving a valuable purpose for the team.

9.  Seeding mode

When there are less than 40 players on the server (20v20) we have special rules:
  1. You are just fighting around the middle flag(s).
  2. The FOB/HAB is only being placed outside of flag zone (tactical placement of HAB/FOB to limit free moving space is not allowed)
  3. Enemy FOB/HAB are to avoid and not attacked.
  4. Fortified emplacements which can be used for offensive porposes are not allowed.
  5. Armed vehicles are not allowed.
  6. Please try to keep the teams balanced.
  7. The Seeding-Mode will officially end with a Broadcast-Message.
  8. The Commander role is not allowed while seeding the server.

10.  Report players / #report-ban-kick-help
  1. The Discord channel #report-ban-kick-help is the first place to go to appeal for bans, kicks or to report other players breaking the rules. Of cause you can also ask for an Admin on the server or in Discord.
  2. Every player is asked to report suspicious players, possible cheaters and teamkillers. We also rely on your help to keep the game fair.
  3. It is not allowed to intentionally do false accuses against other players.
  4. If there is no admin on the server who can help you please make sure you have a proof of your claims like screenshots or videos if possible or ask other players to confirm these incidents to us.
  5. Admins can be recognized by their ingame tag [GER-SQ], [TcD], [FWF], [DPG], [13.JG] or StS but there might also be more admins or community moderators on the server without using a tag.

11. Administration of the community.
  1. Every dicision of the will be made in all conscience and within the meaning of the community.
  2. Changes to these rules will be presented openly and shared with the community.
  3. The degree of penalty (Kick, temporary ban, permanent ban, exclusion from the discord server or stream group) is being decided by the server and community admins.
  4. Server and community admins are not allowed to abuse their powers and also underlie the server rules.
  5. Respect the decisions of the admins and dont start battle of words about them on the server or any other inappropriate places. Send us a personal message or use the designated Discord channel #report-ban-kick-help to appeal for your degree of penalty. We will take you seriously.

12. Moderation
  1. Everyone is invited to assist the community. Every help is gladly seen and will be appreciated. Applications are always welcome.
  2. The duties and responsibilities of a moderator are caring for the gameserver (warn/kick/ban/mapchange), general moderation of the Discord and forums, proving of update summaries, planning and supporting of events.
  3. Moderators are officially nominated by the admins. Their powers are being chosen individually.

13. Server-Donations

With your donation we ensure the servers operating ability.
All donations are used to 100% on the highly productive server.

14. Relationships to other clans and communities

  1. The GER-SQUAD.Community has tight relationships to the following clans:
  2. The GER-SQUAD.Community is helping new players to get in contact with clans or other groups, all known clans are always mentioned together.
  3. GER-SQUAD.Community and our partner clans are open to new players, as long as they share the community idea. GER-SQUAD.Community is not a closed project and exists thanks to your participation and help.
The GER-SQUAD.Community - Team:

You an find the whole team here:
The GER-SQUAD.Community was founded in early 2016 and pursues the goal to connect the German Squad community. Besides to the highly productive game server GER-SQUAD.Community is offering different platforms where you can inform yourself about the progress of the game and get answers to your questions. As an open community we are interested in connecting to clans, groups of players and new players to offer a neutral ground for discussions. We want to endorse teamplay and and offer you the best gaming experience for Squad.

“Squad is an online, team-based military experience where high levels of teamwork and communication are crucial to success.”
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